Cuckoo Family

Cuckoo Family

Talents We've Welcomed


I Feel Love

I Feel Love is a charity fundraising project where we will transform a different Venue into a Cuckoo Club, a visionary world where love and disco go hand in hand. With DJ’s like Jamie Jones, Luca C. and Bas Ibellini who worked with us before and added their magic to the night. These events will be a sensory overload truly out of this world.





Dreamers Playground

The ethos of the camp is in keeping with the spirit of Burning man. We are part of an exciting time in human existence, a collective focused on greater self awareness. A group who has identified the flaws and failures of modern society and who are determined to live by a healthier standard for the benefit of Earth as a whole.
As we begin to release habit, ego, greed and illogical behavior have been the foundation of the reality we live in we can begin to replace these with openmindness, empathy, generosity and logic. Understanding there is a problem is the first step to rectifying one.



Space Cowboys

The Space Cowboys are a London based hedonistic establishment founded in 2012 by a selected group of young bohemian life-lovers. It is our mission to create a range of incomparable night out’s at London’s hottest locations and lay the foundation for a matchless movement that brings together friends & family on a monthly basis.
Space has no limit and it is our mission to boost you to expand your boundaries, float on Dirtynovas dance floor, neglect your curfew, lose track of time and disobey the rules of society. Our excessive lifestyle is inspired by our wild and impulsive nature, and we continuously push our boundaries and desire to live on the edge whilst taking risks without worrying about the consequences.